Every year, when the blossom trees are at the beginning of their bloom, I look forward to the blossom that is to come. The beauty of the blossom and what it stands for makes me happy: the beginning of a new period in which everything is blooming and green, after the cold winter.
And yet just a few days after my first joy, as beautiful as I think it is, I got used to the blossoms beauty. And every year, when the blossom begins to fall again and leaves us, I feel disappointed. Blossom never blooms for long. I got used to it too quickly again. But after a few days I even get used to the fact that the blossom has disappeared.
Getting used to things often wins it from the pure feeling. Whether it's pure joy or sadness.

You quickly get used to the many changes of these times, no matter how strange it felt at first. But in these times you can see the people around you, that you may have taken for granted in the hectic pace, in a new light. Blossom blooms briefly. Everything is only lasts for a short time. The time we have together only lasts a moment. L’ombre de ton chien. Even if I have to be the shadow of your dog, let's stay together and not get used to that.