Stripped of the earth

Graduation project 2018-2019

Having grown up with nature as a self-evident factor that was always present in my life, I find it strange to notice that the meaning of the concept of nature is changing. In our time, the most unthinkable problems can be tackled with technology and science. But because we have these possibilities, we use it to arrange our environment to our own taste. The nature that we control – nay create – no longer needs earth to survive, just us. And the nature that’s out there, that does need soil to survive, is limited by us because we keep on restricting the space it needs to grow.  

In this project, the idea that everything is manufacturable is adopted, from which self-invented scientific experiments arise. This emphasizes an aspect of nature that we apparently want to get rid of: the imperfections.

An investigation into our current view of nature: can you still speak of nature when there is so much human influence?